System Available

ITS PLC Professional Edition offers five systems which are organized according to their expected difficulty level: Sorting, Batching, Palletizer, Pick & Place and Automatic Warehouse. Figure 2 shows a view of each.

The goal of the Sorting System is to transport cases from an entry bay to two exit elevators while sorting them by height. The Batching emulates a paint mixing process in order to get a desired color. The Palletizer System challenges the user to group and palletize cases up to three layers. The goal of the Pick & Place is to place parts inside boxes using a three axes incremental manipulator. In the Automatic Warehouse the objective is to transport, store and retrieve boxes from a rack.

Figure 2. Systems available.

ITS PLC Professional Edition is now being used worldwide, mostly in schools and universities. Yet, a surprising number of industrial enterprises is adopting the product for internal training.

Also, ITS PLC PE is proving to be a valuable training platform on a big variety of automation technologies. Using the PLC as an RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) ITS PLC PE is currently being used in applications such as training of HMI devices (Human Machine Interface), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), MES (Manufacturing Executing Systems) and ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Figure 3. ITS PLC Professional Edition and automation technologies.


Some researchers are finding other interesting usages of ITS PLC PE; for instance, its application in supervisory and fault tolerant control. These are important research areas that benefit a lot from the low cost and risk-free usage of virtual systems.

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