ITS PLC Professional Edition (Interactive Training System for PLC) is a software designed for PLC training and education. It offers five virtual systems that emulate common industrial plants with real-time realistic 3D graphics, sound and total interactivity. Some of the many advantages of ITS PLC PE is that it's a low cost, space saving and maintenance free solution that does not present any risk of injury to staff or damage to equipments.

How Does It Work

The goal is to make five virtual plants work correctly by using an external (and real) controller. The programming is focused on typical industrial applications of programmable logic controllers (PLC): sorting, batching, palletizing, pick and place and automated storage and retrieval systems. The idea is to let students see a PLC in its typical industrial environment and fully understand and program common control tasks. This is impossible to get if a PLC is simply wired to a few lamps and switches as commonly found in school labs due to cost, space and safety constraints.
Each system is a complete emulation of an industrial system including virtual sensors and actuators. The sensors and actuators data is exchanged between the PLC and the virtual system by a data acquisition board (DAQ) with 32 I/O isolated channels and USB interface.

Figure 1. Data flow between ITS PLC PE and a real PLC.
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